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do you ever see spoilers for a show you don’t watch anymore and just 



Happy Birthday Marcello Mastroianni!!! | Sept 28, 1924- Dec 19, 1996 

"When I make films, I am absolutely happy. That’s why I make so many films. This is a most beautiful thing, to be with 60, 70 people on a set and to make stories. It helps me to act. I work seriously but never take myself seriously. I want to enjoy myself—really enjoy—like a child. Because all actors are children … And when the film is finished, I am looking for another film. Otherwise my life is a little more bored."

That house is cursed, Casey. Nothing but misery and heartbreak there.


Cillian Murphy on Peaky Blinders co-star Tom Hardy (aka the Bogie to his Bacall) (X)


It’s very sad when a TV show that you used to love reaches the point where, instead of getting all excited and praising the writers and plots and characters for hours, the best thing you can honestly say when someone asks you about it is, “Well, hopefully they won’t fuck it up TOO badly…”


leo ft tumblr part 4


I have read enough fanfiction to know where that is going


Look at that cozy chin muffler. :)> Holy smokes, Tom is unbearably good humored about being ambushed. 

Shared by Jason Gould, somewhere in Calgary…
"Has anyone ever told you you look like Tom Hardy?"
"Do you happen to be him?" 
"Could I by chance get a photo with you?"
"Not in the fu***ng bathroom, mate." 
"Yeah, fair enough."

Hierarchy of Beards poster ph. by Aaron Taylor on flickr.