As my memory rests But never forgets what I lost
Nicky, Italian - Sardinia.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy & Joseph Gordon-Levitt are the kings of this blog.

Vikings, The Mentalist, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy..

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Tom Hardy by Greg Williams. Shared by @gregwilliamsphotography on Instagram. 

Another one of my #tomhardy shots from this months US #Esquire #coverstory

Because terrible things happen to everyone, Brosey. We’re all just so caught up in our own crap that we don’t see the shit everyone else is wading through

━ Bailey (Amy Harmon, Making Faces)



Watching my favourite tv series or movie:


this is the most accurate post I’ve ever seen….bless you

If God made all our faces, did he laugh when he made me?
Does he make the legs that cannot walk and eyes that cannot see?
Does he curl the hair upon my head ‘til it rebels in wild defiance?
Does he close the ears of a deaf man to make him more reliant?
Is the way I look a coincidence or just a twist of fate?
If he made me this way, is it okay, to blame him for the things I hate?
For the flaws that seem to worsen every time I see a mirror,For the ugliness I see in me, for the loathing and the fear.
Does he sculpt us for his pleasure, for a reason I can’t see?
If God makes all our faces, did he laugh when he made me?

━ Amy Harmon [Making Faces] (via richsgecko)

I wrote your name across my heart
So I would not forget.
The way I felt when you were born
Before we’d even met

I wrote your name across my heart
So your heart beats with mine
And when I miss you most I trace
Each loop and every line

I wrote your name across my heart,
So we could be together
So I could hold you close to me
And keep you there forever.

━ Amy Harmon, Making Faces (via quotes-shape-us)
Everybody is a main character to someone.

━ Amy Harmon, Making Faces (via quoted-books)

Matt Bomer — The Normal Heart photo shoot for The Hollywood Reporter (April 9, 2014) [part 2 of 2]


TLDW: Game Of Thrones 4x02

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